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Whilst at Nexus Productions in Londion I was approached by 180 Amsterdam to create a 60 second TVC for Adidas to launch their new Predator and F50 Football boots. The spot was to be a motion graphics tour de force, incorporating some of the world's greatest footballers.


We had very little time with each player, but managed to get the performance we wanted to build the shots. We then designed compositions around the scenarios I'd conceived for each player and built transitions between each scene.

The spot includes 2D, 3D and cel frame animation and some transitional work I'm really proud of.


The wonderful Nexus team worked super long hours to turn this around in just over a month. I feel that this piece aesthetically still stands up many years on.



EP: Chris O’Reilly & Charlotte Bavasso

Head of production: Julia Parfitt

Producer: Isabel Conroy

Head of Studio: Theano Kazagli


Director: Simon Robson

Art directors: Cassiano Prado, Mario Sader

2D animation & compositing: Dylan White, Johnny Plummer

2D cel animation: Kwok Fung Lam

3D animation: Darren Price, Jerome Haupert

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