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Simon Robson, the creative force behind North Boy South, is a versatile and visionary director acclaimed for his work in commercials, film, and fine arts. His exceptional talent has earned him prestigious accolades, including a D&AD, Promax World Gold, The Animatron Grand Jury Award, and The Bundaberg Art Prize.


At the core of Simon's creative pursuits is his passion for seamlessly merging live-action performance, CGI, and animation to create groundbreaking and visually captivating moving image works. This ability has established him as a trailblazing visionary in the industry.


Simon made his directorial debut in 2004 with the impactful film 'What Barry Says,' which explored the US invasion of Iraq. Premiering at The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, it captivated global audiences at renowned festivals worldwide.


Throughout his career, Simon has collaborated with industry leaders such as Nexus Productions, Animal Logic, Passion Pictures, Mighty Nice, and Sedona, expanding his expertise across three continents.


Simon's extensive client list, including Remarkable, Earth Day Network, MasterCard, Edith Cowan University, Pernod Ricard, The Guardian Newspaper, Kia Motors, and Adidas, exemplifies his proficiency in crafting captivating and impactful visual narratives across diverse industries.


With Simon Robson leading the way, you can expect extraordinary storytelling, visually arresting imagery and an unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

The Northboysouth production model

Simon Robson works directly with advertising agencies to help them develop scripts and concepts. In production, he then brings together the best team of artists and studios that fit the job.

Simon first worked this way in 2010 when he built a collective of 22 studios from around the world to create the multi-award-winning film, Coalition of The Willing. Since then Simon has continued to build a network of brilliant collaborators.

Working in this decentralised way means that Simon can bring together the best artists to fit each role that a commercial production needs. 

Simon’s latest film for Edith Cowan University ‘Made Here’ is a great case study for this decentralised and collaborative approach to production. To discover how ‘Made Here’ was created, please watch the behind-the-scenes film on the ‘Made Here’ page to see how a team of amazing artists and studios, all working remotely, brought this film to life.



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