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How to make something epic from a bunch of old chip boards sourced from Sydney’s second hand electronics stores? First, spend copious amounts of time ripping said boards apart and rebuilding them to look like some kind of Blade-Runner-esque conurbation. Next, shoot the boards with Frasier lenses and the snorkel system to get right down in there and make the chip boards look like sky scrapers. Add a ton of 3D VFX, and finally make the whole thing a cool silvery black & white. 


And there you have it, CA ANZ ‘Chips’. Another spot from my Chartered Accountants series, the building chipboard cities representing the idea of a small tech firm going stellar thanks to clever book keeping. All above board though…






Client: Chartered Accountants
Agency: Joy Agency

Creative Director: Steve Back

Art Director: Scott Zuliani

Copy writer: Roy Liebowitz

Production Company: Sixty40
Director: Simon Robson
Executive Producer: Bonnie Law
Live-Action Producer: Catherine Warner
DOP: Simon Higgins

Post Production & VFX: Heckler 
Producer: Adrianna Spanos
VFX Supervisor: Jamie Watson
Lead 3D: Tom Corbett & Max McMullen
3D Team: Max McMullin, Marco Chau, Tim Jarrick, Dusan Marjanovic, Michael Shiao Chen, Christian Chu, Tim Quarry, Peter Thomson
2D Lead Design: Simon Robson
2D Designer: Kyra Bartley
Lead Compositor: Maxence Peillon
Additional Compositing: Tim Preston, Emilie Boyard, Yoav Dolev, Ian Douglas
Editor: Alex Vivian
Colourist: Greg Constantaras

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