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What’s that noise under the bonnet? Maybe the fan belt’s playing up again? Or maybe just maybe it’s an entire world full of little red ‘D’ shaped characters running around in 5th Element inspired buildings, wafting ice-cubes and swinging on ropes?


I had the pleasure of working with Passion Pictures in Melbourne to direct the animation for this awesome spot for Denso motors in Japan. We Partnered with with production company AOI Pro Global working with live-action director …. to craft this enchanting spot where a Japanese schoolgirl’s curiosity leads her to discover a world full of magic and wonder, living just behind the arm rest in the back of the car.


I had huge amounts of fun working with the super-gun Passion animation team, conceiving all the fantastical details of the world inside the Desno equipped car and bringing to life to the herds of little red characters. A particular highlight for me was choreographing the final Dance scene where 100+ of the Denso characters pirouette on their stubby legs in time to the ‘can-can’ inspired score. All my Busby Berkley dreams were granted at once!


Animation Director - Simon Robson

EP - Kate Goodwin

Producers - Christina Street, Vivienne Jaspers

Head of 3D - Adrian Oostergetel

Lead 3D character animation - Heath Pagram

3D character animation - Paul Ziola

3D lighting, texturing, rendering - Nathan Michell, Duncan MacDonald, Kien Chan

3D modelling - Marcos Godoy

Character design - Kate Moon, Lenny Ward, Pete McDonald

Environment design - Simon Robson, Alejandro Diaz,

Matte Painting - Philipp Bromme

Compositing - Julia Egerton

2D animatic - Anita Shao

Storyboards - Eric Wadsworth

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