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My favourite commercial job to date? Quite possibly...

To call this a dream job would be an understatement. I didn't know commercial production could be like this; so much trust, so much creativity, so much belief.

I was super-honoured to be asked by 72 and Sunny Sydney to direct 'Made Here' for Edith Cowan University in Perth. The whole premise was around, how to represent stream-of-consciousness creative thinking. I thought my boat had come in.


CD & writer Andy Flemming at 72 and Sunny has the reputation as one of the best creatives in Australia. I was a tad overawed i must say. But what I found was a creative partner who pushed me at every turn and totally embraced the idea of mixed-media, my favourite advertising dish.

I set about crafting a visual narrative that embraced the disciplines taught at ECU and conceiving them in a way that would allow the viewer to journey through a beautiful mele of scenes in a way echoing how student's mind would make associations during their learning. 

As ever, my heart was in my mouth during the concept phase, 'Would they buy this idea? Is everything too rushed? Is it a mess?!'

Fortunately, EP Dave Kelly and I managed to pull together a 'super-group' of creative talents, local and overseas, to bring this behemoth to life. Everyone really embraced the ethos and this crazy mixed-media approach. The team vibe was amazing. Credits for all involved are below.

In the end, we left the final client call quite emotional; client, agency, myself and Dave my EP feeling almost teary, sad this amazing journey was over. I can't wait for the next bus like this one to come around the corner...



Agency 72andSunny Sydney

ECD - Luke Martin

CD & Writer - Andy Flemming

Head of Production - Paul Leaning

Snr Account Manager - Surungi Emily Hohol

GM / Head of brand - Ryan Bernal

Director - Simon Robson

Exec. Producer / Post Producer - Dave Kelly

Production Company - McFly Films

Shoot Producer - Jonas Mclallen

DOP - Simon Higgins


Design / VFX / Animation / Post - The Cactus Stone Co.

Style frame artist - Ryan Whiteley, Pete McDonald


Unreal Engine Animation - ApeManRobot

2D animation - Studio Showoff, Darcy Woodbrdge

Code-driven animation - Friendslike Co.

3D generalist - Jason Poley

2D generalist - Matthew Roberts

Compositing - Navid Baghezadeh, Jon Jamison

Tracking - Resonance Digital

On-set supervisor - Steve Vojkovic

EditorMark Bennett

Colourist - Yanni Kronenberg

Online - Scotty Wilcox


Music and Sound Design - Panda Candy

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