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‘The Sumer Playground’ launches with two mates stopping off at Maccas for a frozen beverage as they embark on their summer road trip. One sip of their drink encourages their imaginations to conjure up the sights and sounds of summertime, transporting them to their ideal summer campsite.

The inspiration behind the commercial’s art direction came from composite photographers such as Ryan Schude and Gregory Crewdson. The brief was to create an idealised summer world that was surreal in its composition yet also reflected the down to earth and fun-seeking adventures of two young road trippers.

As with a lot of my projects, the success came from careful attention to detail in pre-production, making sure all the characters would fit together beautifully in comp. In the end, we got great performances from the cast that we had to rattle through rather quickly on the day.



Agency – VML
Account Director – Simon Kawaguchi
Associate Creative Director – Matt Geersen
Senior Copywriter – Sean Vrabel
Producer – Matt Barber

Production – World Wide Mind
Director – Simon Robson
Executive Producer – Michelle Parker & Bonnie Law
Producer – Ben Swaffer
DOP – Simon Higgins

Post Production, CG & VFX – Heckler
VFX Supervisor – Jamie Watson
VFX Producer – Amy Jarman
Lead Compositor – Luke Carvell
3D lead – Adrien Girault
3D Modeling – Max McMullen, Tim Parsons,
3D Fluid simulations – Holger Gutknecht, Dusan Marjanovic
2D compositing – Maxence Peillon, Chung Vu, Younguck Ha
2D Previz – Shane Miranda

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