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TEDx Sydney asked me to pitch a film concept for their event in Carriageworks, which took place on Saturday 26 May 2012.

I have long wanted to shoot a dance film and had a couple of ideas in the back of my head. So I pitched the idea of dancers coming together in a colourful space to the TEDx curators, as a kind of metaphor for collaboration and inspiration. But to be honest, the sub-plot for this abstract, ambient film came from a darker place. In Bret Easton Ellis's book 'Lunar Park' there's a really eerie sub-plot around kids who engage in a kind of cult, where they meet online and organise to come together in some shopping mall or other, then they just disappear. It's never explained. In this film I imagine the place where these kids end up. A kind of smoke filled nether world where they're engulfed by colourful smoke, which is kind of a metaphor for their previously vibrant lives, now turned to dust.

So with the help of choreographer Emily Chapman, her very willing and enthusiastic dance colleagues and the incredible Engine crew, we managed to turn this around with no budget to speak of. Enormous thanks for those who gave their time and skill to what turned out to be a piece I'm really happy with. And massive props must go to the amazing Antfood who supplied sublime audio.

Director - Simon Robson
Executive Producer - Adam Wells
Producer - Chris Seeto
Director of Photography - Tony Gardiner
Camera Operator - Eran Dolev
Choreographer - Emily Chapman
Dancers - Jessica Butler, Sharnie Potts, Samuel Beazley
Assistant Director - Josh Edwards
Standby Props - David Bowring
Wardrobe - Bianca Polinelli
Production Runner - James Carmen
Location Permissions - Canterbury City Council
Editor - George Kacevski
Previz Editor - David 'Dunks' Duncombe
Colour Supervisor - Mike Williamson
Colour Grade - Matt Regan
Compositing - Joel Osis
Audio - Antfood

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