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Telstra Motorola was my first large scale shoot. I’d meddled with a few things before, but on a much less ambitious scale. 


DDB came to me because they liked my approach to transitions in my animation work. So I set to work imagining how real sets could transition and move around the cast to show seamless connection between the Motorola Xoom and Telstra’s 4G network.


The was a new challenge for me. In an animated world nothing weighs anything. Building real sets that moved meant counter balancing heavy moving elements, dampening impacts, seamless slides and so on. All the moving sets were made for real and then composited together.


The team at Engine worked really very hard indeed at bringing all the elements together in post-production in an incredibly short time frame. I was extremely happy with the result.



Client: Telstra
Agency: DDB, Sydney

Executive Producer: Adam Wells

Producers: Amelia Peacocke

Director: Simon Robson

VFX Supervisor: Scotty Wilcox

DOP: Peter Menzies Jnr ACS 

Lead Compositors: Lee Sandiford, Kent Smith

Compositing team: David Duncombe, Brendon Killen, Tim Parsons

Digital Colourist: Warren Lynch

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